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Click here to learn more about the evolving Clinical Picture of axSpA: https://www.abbvieusmedicalaffairs.com/rheumatology/axspa-interactive-module

Click here to learn about different outcome measures in PsA: https://www.abbvieusmedicalaffairs.com/rheumatology/disease-control-in-psa

Click here to learn about AbbVie pipeline in Immunology: https://www.abbvieusmedicalaffairs.com/rheumatology/pipeline

About AbbVie in Rheumatology:
For more than 20 years, AbbVie has been dedicated to improving care for people living with rheumatic diseases. Our longstanding commitment to discovering and delivering transformative therapies is underscored by our pursuit of cutting-edge science that improves our understanding of promising new pathways and targets in order to help more people living with rheumatic diseases reach their treatment goals. For more information on AbbVie in rheumatology, visit https://www.abbvieusmedicalaffairs.com/rheumatology/

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